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Videos Show Massive Pile-Up After Cars & Trucks Slide Off Quebec Autoroute 10

Dozens of vehicles are implicated.
Quebec Autoroute 10: Massive Pile-Up After Cars & Trucks Slide Off Highway (Video)

A major accident has occurred on Quebec's Autoroute 10 headed westbound from the Cantons de l'Est towards Montreal. The accident, which would best be described as a pile-up, has implicated dozens of vehicles, including several 18-wheel semi-trucks. Videos shared with MTL Blog show the extent of the incident, including countless vehicles that have slid off the road and into the ditch dividing the highway. 

Quebec 511 is now warning drivers that the Autoroute 10 westbound is closed at the site of the accident for an undetermined period as crews work to deal with the massive accident. 

The closure is listed "at height R-227," or Rang des Versailles,  near Marieville, just east of the Richelieu River.

Quebec 511 notes that the Autoroute 10 headed east from Richelieu to Granby is "snow-covered," but visibility is listed as "fair." However, the videos below highlight just how much the falling snow can cause limited visibility and lead to pile-ups like this.

A tweet sent out by Quebec 511 now notes that there is "zero visibility" on the Autoroute 10 Ouest.

Take a look at the shocking videos below.

Here you can see the extensive scope of the accident. Several semi-trucks have slid into the dividing space between the Autoroute's east and westbound lanes. 

Huge pile-up on Quebec's Autoroute 10 Ouest

Many cars, trucks, and SUVs are also seen in the ditch or otherwise implicated in the large accidents.

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Several regions in Southern Quebec are currently under a snowfall warning issued by Environment Canada, although the Richelieu Valley is not mentioned. 

Quebec's Autoroute 10 Ouest shut down due to huge pile-up.

Quebec 511 notes in its tweet below that the accident has managed to span over 5 kilometres of highway, from chemin du Ruisseau-Barré to R-133 (chemin des Patriotes).

Quebec pile-up spans 5 km of highway.

The tweet below offers drivers alternative routes to avoid getting stuck behind the massive accident.

Translation: Update -- #A10 west (of the Eastern Townships) at Marieville, at the level of the #R227, complete closure // zero visibility // several incidents reported between km 34 (chemin du Ruisseau-Barré) and km 29 (before the #R133) // detour via the #R227, the #R112 and the #R133.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned for updates.

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