Quebec Biker Arrested For Trying To Smuggle $37 Million Worth Of Coke On Sailboat

A Quebec biker was arrested off the US East Coast, while trying to smuggle 750 kg. of Coke in a sailboat.

The haul was valued at $37 million.

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The US Coast Guard, who were responsible for the arrest, also detained two of his associates who happened to be on the 650-foot sailboat at the time.

One of these was American, and the other European.

The arrest took place off the cost of Maine.

The police believe that the drug was headed for the Canadian market.

It is believed that the sailboat stopped at the island of St Martin in the Caribbean.

It is rare for a sailboat to be intercepted in these waters at this time of year.

Previous attempts at smuggling drugs in sailboats have taken place in considerably warmer weather.

A pleasure craft, of this nature, sailing the seas in the middle of winter might well arouse suspicion.

At present, a kilo of cocaine is believed to sell for $50,000.