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Quebec Caleche Horse Spotted Collapsing From Exhaustion

Even more proof that they need to go.

A caleche horse in Old Quebec was spotted collapsing late last night. With all of the recent talk about the caleche horses not being maltreated and their health being top notch, this is some pretty bad (or great) timing. It's definitely going to make it a lot harder to defend them now.

Around 11pm the horse was seen collapsed on the street near the Chateau Frontenac. Whether it was from pure exhaustion or a combination of other factors has yet to be determined. The gentleman that snapped this picture of the fallen horse said the representative of the caleche company physically pushed him out of the way to stop him from trying to take photos. Doesn't seem too surprising, I mean, just look at the guy on the left in the photo - he doesn't look to happy about having pictures taken.

The whole thing is giving me some serious Black Beauty flashbacks. If this doesn't give the government a kick in the pants to get rid of the caleches, I don't know what will. I guess when it comes down to it, they're more interested in keeping Quebec "cute" and touristy rather than humane.


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