Here Are The Rules About Travelling In Quebec To Go Camping This Summer

Campgrounds are opening in June.
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Quebec Campgrounds Open In June & Here Are The Rules About Travelling To Get To Them

Summer 2020 isn't completely lost. On Wednesday, the provincial Minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, announced that Quebec campgrounds will be allowed to reopen starting June 1. She also outlined the rules for getting to these campsites.

She specifically used the example of Montrealers travelling outside the city to go camping.

The public health directorate "does not recommend" non-essential travel between regions, she said, but "there is no ban by decree."

So "Montrealers who would like to go camping [...] for a few days in a campground near Montreal are asked to leave Montreal and do all the errands they have to do" in the city so that they can "[move] from point a to point b, [settle] in their camping unit, [stay] there," and, when they leave, return directly to their homes without stopping along the way.

Premier Legault reiterated this point in an Instagram post following the announcement, but also said that Quebecers should only travel when necessary.

"Travel between regions continues to be limited in Quebec," a social media infographic explains.

"When such travel is necessary, go directly to the accommodation site to minimize contacts with the environment."

In all cases, the Ministry of Tourism explained in a statement, campers should continue to follow social distancing rules.

Though, outdoor gatherings of a maximum of 10 people from a maximum of three households are permitted if participants stay two metres away from each other.

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In addition to campgrounds, tourist rentals and "principal residence establishments" can open on June 1 outside the Montreal metropolitan community (CMM) and the Joliette MRC.

But "dwellings, cottages or houses must be rented as a whole" to only "one family unit at a time."

On Twitter, the Minister clarified that interior gatherings aren't allowed, so renting a chalet with friends isn't possible just yet.

Marinas will also reopen.

"With this announcement," Proulx said, "we are taking a big step towards a summer of tourism in Quebec."

"I'm very happy that, thanks to this authorization, campers will be able to return to their site and boaters will be able to explore our magnificent bodies of water."

Quebec's national parks have already begun to reopen for hiking and day fishing.

Stay tuned for more news.

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