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Quebec City Ranked Top Christmas Destination In The World

The city definitely deserves it.
Quebec City Ranked Top Christmas Destination In The World

Christmas is already known as the most magical time of year. Just add some giant, fluffy snowflakes, and tons of lights and decorations and you've created the ultimate winter wonderland.

TL;DR CNN travel has officially ranked Quebec City as one of the top Christmas destinations in the world. The city offers dozens of incomparable winter activities and festivals. More details are below.

Seriously, the holiday season has to be the only time of year when everyone can agree we're all obsessed with the festivities and events.

Any Quebecer will tell you their province is one of the best places to come for a true Christmas experience. For one, it's literally always snowing here once temperatures drop. And we also go all out to prepare for the magical season.

But if you need a bit more convincing, just take a look at the CNN travel list of best Christmas destinations around the world. You won't be able to miss Quebec City sitting comfortably in the top tier of this list.

Yes, it's true. Coming in at #8 out of all the cities in the world, Quebec City is described as "a haven for environmentally friendly, outdoor enthusiasts." Quebec "bustles with winter activity, offering holiday programs for all tastes."

The official list doesn't forget to mention Old Quebec, its enchanting Christmas village, and the exciting German Christmas Market that arrive each December.

In Quebec, holiday festivities persist well beyond January 1st. It's like a season-long Christmas! You've probably already heard of the Quebec Winter Carnival that begins in February, but if not you'll defintiely want to check it out.

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Needless to say, Quebec City definitely earned their spot on this exclusive list.

To check out the entire CNN travel list of best Christmas destinations, click HERE.

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