Quebec City Ranked #1 For Most Beautiful Street In The World

It beat 25 other cities to take the top spot!
Quebec City Ranked #1 For Most Beautiful Street In The World

It isn't a surprise that, once again, Quebec has outranked every other location in the world. We've come in at #1 on multiple lists, each one confirming what we already knew: Quebec is the best place on Earth.

So, what did we win this time? Well, it turns out that another ranking list was created earlier this year for the 25 Most Beautiful Streets in the World. Cities across the world were recognized for their remarkable cobble-stone paths, historic sites, modern beauties and more.

Needless to say, it was tough competition. You'll be happy to know that out of all the gorgeous streets in the world, Quebec City's Petit Champlain came in at #1.

TL;DR Quebec City's Rue de Petit Champlain was ranked #1 out of the Most Beautiful Streets in the World. Our competitors included cities in countries such as Italy, Japan, Belgium and Portugal. Read below for more details.

Architectural Digest took into account that not all streets are made equal, and that each location would represent beauty and design just a little bit differently.

While ranking each city and its street, natural features and overall architecture were among the key criteria looked at when choosing who would come in at #1 and who would place #25.

In the end, cities in countries such as Belgium, France, Portugal, Mexico, Japan and Italy dominated this list. None could outrank Quebec City though, which stole the number one spot.

Rue du Petit Champlain is described in the first place as being "Canada's most beautiful locale." It looks like the street was ultimately chosen for being a "charming, European-inspired street with unique boutiques and bistros." 

Needless to say, it's a standard that's almost impossible to beat.

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Now that this Quebec street is officially the most beautiful in the world, we can just add it to the list of things Quebecers should be proud of.

Who knows what ranking list our province will land first place in next!

They obviously don't call us La Belle Province for nothing.

For the complete list of top 25 Most Beautiful Streets in the World, click HERE.

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