Quebec City's Terrorist Attack Shooting Has Changed The Province Forever (20 Tweets)

Last night, Sunday January 29th, there was a shooting in a mosque in Quebec where 6 people lost this lives, and 8 others were wounded.

The victims were between the ages of 35 and 70 years old, and as of this morning, police have a suspect in custody.

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People are reacting in many different ways on Twitter this morning. Some are sad, some are angry, some are using it as an excuse to discuss the recent American travel ban.

We scoured Twitter to bring you a mix of reaction from Canadians, politicians and people from around the world.

Please read my statement on tonight’s terrorist attack in Quebec City:

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) January 30, 2017

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is calling tonight's shooting at a Quebec City mosque a terrorist attack.

— Kalina Laframboise (@KayLaframboise) January 30, 2017

I don't see Donald Trump tweeting about the terrorist attack in Quebec. What happened Mr @realdonaldtrump? Because affected are Muslims?

— Fatemah Alabed (@FatemahAlabed) January 30, 2017

One of the #QuebecMosqueShooting suspects is said to be Moroccan. #Awkward Tell me more about this "terrorist attack", #Trudeau???

— David Vance (@DVATW) January 30, 2017

PM Trudeau called the Quebec mosque shooting a terrorist attack, but after hearing they yelled Allahu Akbar, now blames climate change.

— Sean Spicier (@sean_spicier) January 30, 2017

The barbaric Quebec mosque terror attack should be condemned by all parties.

It's a targeted terrorist attack on muslims.

— Syed Saddiq (@SyedSaddiq) January 30, 2017

Heartsick this morning to learn of the terrorist attack against Muslims in my province. My thoughts and all love to the families.

— Selina Kray (@selinakray) January 30, 2017

What happened in Quebec last night was a terrorist attack and an act of hate crime, and that's what it needs to be addressed as.

— KB (@keishabarran) January 30, 2017

The terrorist attack underway in Canada right now, should prove @POTUS`s point. Canada may want to take back their invitation of terrorsist!

— Tonya Kiss Kiss (@mspretty7159) January 30, 2017

I strongly condemn the terrorist attack on Muslims in Canada. I wish speedy recovery to the wounded and l am close to the families.

— lamberto zannier (@lamzannier) January 30, 2017

The US media are not calling it a terrorist attack......wonder why

— Canadian Minion©™ (@Canadian_Minion) January 30, 2017

Why are some news sources so doubtful this is a terrorist attack? Its like it only counts if the victims are a certain type. #QuebecShooting

— Thorns (@skilodracus) January 30, 2017

praying for all the people that were affected by the terrorist attack last night.... this world is sick

— hyeri's (@angeIhyeri) January 30, 2017

Does it matter? Does it truly matter? It's a terrorist attack either way. People are dead, either way. Is this what matters to you?

— nija (@rromnija) January 30, 2017

The Quebec terrorist attack is not Trump's fault you morons. It is Jethro Trudeau's open door policy & he is a catastrophic failure as pm

— One Woman (@Outofnames) January 30, 2017

Where are the condolences for the terrorist attack on our Muslim friends in Canada?

— Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) January 30, 2017

@realDonaldTrump A terrorist attack is eminent in America the POTUS is totally aware of it he's just licking his chops and waiting for it to happen

— Will (@wmgee101) January 30, 2017

#Pope’s Condolences for Victims of Terrorist Attack on #Mosque in #QuebecShooting#Quebec

— Zenit English (@zenitenglish) January 30, 2017

#Terrorist attack on # Quebec #Mosque as #Trump enables global hate & intolerance#IStandWithMuslims#JeSuisMusulman

— Suléma Marie (@sulemamarie) January 30, 2017

All this complaining about Trumps ban on muslims from terrorist countries and yesterday a terrorist attack in Canada. Liberals never learn

— Justin Zielinski (@JustinZ_19) January 30, 2017

@TorontoStar how about not using quotations around the words terrorist attack please?

— Meghan Lambie (@meglambie) January 30, 2017

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