Quebec Coffee Shop Bans Hipsters

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Quebec Coffee Shop Bans Hipsters

Photo cred - Jerry Ibbotson, via Huffington Post

Hipsters, how we hate hipsters. With their furry faces, no-meat diets, tiny feet, and saw dust bedding, who could like a hipster? Oh snap, wait, we mean hamster, we hate hamsters. Well both actually.

Hamsters vs. hipsters is the hilarious comparison to be found on on the sign of Quebec City's Brulerie De Café De Québec, as posted on reddit yesterday. French-ifying the now-infamous chalkboard sign originally written by The Pig And Pastry cafe, we're happy the hamster-hipster correlation has now been introduced into the Francophone coffee scene. The translation can be read below.

After reading the pretty on-point sign, one can't deny the strange similarities between hamsters and hipsters. Other than all the things listed on the sign, both are also big into wheels without motors (hamster wheels and hipsters on bikes) and making nonsensical conversations with other people, hipsters tending to focus on the gender binaries propagated by the inherent patriarchy of capitalist society and hamsters just making cute little noises. Come to think of it, we'd actually rather chill with a hamster.

Photo cred - Imgur

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