Quebec College Bans Students From Smoking E-Cigarettes On Campus

Photo cred - Vip

Don't bring your e-cigarette/vap to class if you're a student at College Montmorency, because you're no longer allowed. On September 10th, the Laval-based college put a new school rule into effect that effectivley bans the use of e-cigarettes on campus, reports Journal Métro.

The anti-vap mandate equates e-cigarettes with their low-tech forefather, forcing any student or staff member to follow the same regulations outlined in the Tobacco Act when using their e-cig. With those rules in play, e-cigs cannot be smoked indoors or within 9 metres of an entrance on campus.

E-cigarette advocates may be a little miffed at this decision, as the product is sometimes argued as a relatively safe alternative to real cigarettes, though that belief is now being contested. Denis Coderre himself is worried about the negative health repercussion posed by e-cigs, and has asked Health Canada to look into the matter.

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