Quebec Employers Are Raising Salaries In An Attempt To Attract Workers

Proof the labour shortage is real.
Quebec Employers Are Raising Salaries In An Attempt To Attract Workers

Compared to nearby cities like Toronto and New York, the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec as a whole has never really been considered a hub of "opportunity" when it comes to work.

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TL;DR  Quebec is experiencing a labour shortage which has prompted employers in the province to offer higher salaries as a means to entice workers.

However, recent statistics show that you might want to re-think this common assumption about the province.

According to a recent report by Le Journal de Montreal, Quebec comes out on top for having the highest job vacancy rate.

In other words, we have too many jobs and not enough workers.

In just the second quarter of 2018, over 109,600 jobs are available in the province with entirely no workers taking them.

Indeed, a demographic trend has been identified over the past years: many educated young people are leaving Quebec in favor of exploring the labor market in other provinces.

Could this migration trend be the underlying cause of the labour shortage?

Whatever the cause, the immediate implications of the labour shortage are real.

For example, itwasreported by TVA that restaurant managers are hiking up salaries for jobs such as dishwashers to $16.50/hour to entice workers.

It has become increasingly difficult to find workers to fill these positions considering the dull and low-value nature of the job.

Offering to pay 37%above the minimum wage seems to be the best course of action for employers to attract people to these jobs.

That said, the highest numbers of job vacancies are actually outside Montreal, in the northern regions of Quebec.

Employers are utilizing asimilar strategy to incentivize people to move up to the great Quebec north by rolling out an overall wage increase of 0.8%.

In the end, it's safe to say that if you're looking to make some quick cash in Quebec, it's not too difficult to find. However, you'll likely be rolling up your sleeves and doing "dirty work" that few people are looking to do.

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