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Quebec English Students Have A Higher Graduation Rate than French Students

Whenever English schools are in the news in Quebec, it's usually for a bad reason.

Just last week, a story came out where Quebec city's only English Cegep couldn't accept any more student because they were out of room.

In February, Anglophones were warned that the English School Boards were going to be abolished all together.

And of course, there's always talk about closing and merging existing English schools.

But this time, English schools are finally being mentioned in a positive way and it's bound to make some people very angry.

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It turns out that English students are more likely to graduate high school than French students.

I know what you're thinking.

How could anyone be pissed off by this news?

Well it's not because more anglophones are graduating, it's actually the reasons listed as to why anglophone students are more successful that might rub some people the wrong way.

The main reason is simply this: anglophones have a tighter nit community and the parents are more involved with the schools.

A professor from Université de Montréal thinks anglophones are just wealthier than Francophones, however that doesn't really explain anything, since more Francophones attend private school than anglophones do.

Here's a quick comparison of graduation rates:

High school graduation percentage in public and private schools:

  • Anglophone : 85 %
  • Francophone: 77 %


High school graduation percentage in public schools:

  • Anglophone : 84 %
  • Francophone: 73 %


High school graduation percentage for handicap students and students with learning disabilities:

  • Anglophone: 59 %
  • Francophone : 46 %


One professor from Concordia University says the main problem is that Francophones tend to drop out of high school more often that anglophones, and that's the real root of the problem.

So you can blame wealth all you want, but in the end the only thing French school need to do is make sure the parents are involved and make sure the students don't drop out.

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