Severe Storm Warning And Tornado Alert Issued For Quebec

Take precautions.
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Severe Storm Warning And Tornado Alert Issued For Quebec

As summer comes to a close, we can also say goodbye to much of the extreme and deadly heat that dominated that past few months in Canada.

But the end of summer and beginning of fall are actually perhaps the most dangerous weather period in North America.

Hurricanes batter the American coast (and some even make their way to Canada) while tornadoes torment the interior of the continent.

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TL;DR Severe storms are coming to Quebec on Friday. There is also a risk of tornadoes.

Canadians are exempt from the tornado frequency that plagues the American south and mid-west. But sometimes a confluence of meteorological phenomena can produce twisters even here.

Unfortunately, such is the case this week.

According to The Weather Network, much of southern Ontario and Quebec can expect severe storms in the coming days. Wind speeds will reach 90 kilometres per hour. There is even a risk of isolated tornadoes.

Environment Canada has already issued rainfall and strong wind warnings for much of Quebec:

Via Environment Canada

As of 16:00 Thursday, The Weather Network also warns of "a tornado threat."

Via The Weather Network

The storms will hit Friday, September 21st, the fall equinox.

It's definitely not the ideal way to welcome the new season.

Residents of Quebec should take precautions and stay informed.

Stay tuned.


Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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