Quebec Finally Legally Allows You To Bring Home Alcohol From Outside Of The Province

Photo cred - Tony Caldwell for The Ottawa Sun

Good news for anyone wanting to buy some boozeoutside of Quebec: you can now purchase alcohol of any kind out of province and bring it back home with you to get any level of wasted you like, thanks to a new rule passed by the Quebec government.

There are some rules to know, as a single person is only allowed to bring a maximum of 12 bottles of wine, 4 bottles of liquor, and 4 cases of 24-pack beer into Quebec, which adds up to quite a bit of drank.

Quebec is the last province in Canada to allow this practice, but you still can't order liquor to be shipped into Quebec by mail. The new law only applies to physically bringing in alcohol in-person.

While this is good news for folks who hit up wineries or specialty breweries elsewhere in Canada, it doesn't mean too much for the less ritzy of us.

Quebec already has the cheapest prices on beer, as shown ina CBC study conducted this year, which compared the price of a 24-pack of Molson in Quebec to other provinces. Across the board, Quebec rocked the cheapest price in Canada, making the idea of venturing out of the province for booze a little less exciting.

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