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Quebec Has 20,965 COVID-19 Cases & Situation Is 'Stable' Outside Of Montreal & Laval

The province has now seen 1,134 deaths related to COVID-19.
Quebec Has 20,965 COVID-19 Cases & Situation Is 'Stable' Outside Of Montreal & Laval

As per usual, Premier François Legault held a press conference in order to update all Quebecers about the current novel coronavirus situation in the province. Legault informed us that as of Wednesday, April 22, there are currently 20,965 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec . There have now been 1,134 deaths in the province related to the virus, which is an increase of 93 from the previous day.

"Behind these numbers, there are real people," Legault said as he offered the families and friends of these victims his deepest condolences.

Of the 20,965 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the province, 9,856 are in the region of Montreal and 2,296 in Laval.

The Premier announced that 74% of deaths in the province have been in the regions of Montreal or Laval.

Legault said during the press conference that the novel coronavirus situation in the province is "relatively stable," especially outside of the cities of Montreal and Laval.

"The next few days should tell us if we're on the right side of the curve. We will be able to refine our plan to gradually reopen schools and the economy accordingly," Legault wrote in his Facebook post on April 22.

If you'd like to watch a live feed of the Government of Quebec's daily press conference on April 22, you can do so in the link below.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 4,291 people have recovered from COVID-19 in Quebec .

Quebec has now had a total of 155,083 individuals in the province tested negative for the novel coronavirus.

Currently, 1,278 people remain hospitalized due to the virus, with 199 people in intensive care .

The following is a breakdown of the COVID-19 case count in each region of Quebec.

[rebelmouse-image 26885632 photo_credit=" Government of Quebec " expand=1 original_size="606x678"] Government of Quebec

Montreal and Laval remain the two "hot spots" for COVID-19 in Quebec.

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