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Quebec Has A Village Filled With Incredible "Flower Giants"

The look like they're about to come to life!
Quebec Has A Village Filled With Incredible "Flower Giants"

Surprisingly, giants have been pretty popular in Montreal as of late. For example, the hidden "sleeping giants" all across the city that you can find on the roofs of buildings this Summer. The murals are amazing, larger-than-life, and the feeling you get when you actually find one is incredible. 

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So how perfect woud it be if after a day in Montreal looking for "sleeping giants" you could head over to their village filled with working giants, animal giants, and musical giants? You probably think I'm joking, but trust me when I say you have to see it to believe it!

There really is a village of giants, and it's located in Gatineau, Quebec. The "village" is actually Mosaïcultures Gatineau 2018, a botanical garden with a lot more than just flowers and regular plants.

Once you enter the garden you'll be transported into a secret world filled with enormous plant-people. You'll be greeted by the beautiful figures as well as extraordinary sculptures all made from different flowers and plants. It's definitely one of the most incredible experiences to have this Summer!

You can walk through a 1km path that takes you around the entire magical garden while your jaw drops in awe over the 45 sculptures that seriously bring nature to life. According to Mosaïculture, over 5.5 million plants were used to make these giants! You will defintiely never take plant-life for granted again.

To make your experience even more amazing, you'll be able to discover a little bit of Canada's deep history while you tour the garden. There's a "flower giant" from each of Canada's provinces and territories that represents the life, culture and beauty you would specifically find if you travelled there.  

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The Mosaïculture garden is only opened until October 15th, so you only have a couple months left to book a trip to visit this masterpiece. 

To find out more about Mosaïculture Gatineau 2018 or book tickets, click HERE.

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