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Quebec Has Way Too Many Jobs And Not Enough Workers

It turns out no one wants to work for the province.
Quebec Has Way Too Many Jobs And Not Enough Workers

In all of Canada, Quebec comes out on top for having the highest job vacancy rate. In just the second quarter of this year, over 109,600 jobs are available in the province with absolutely no workers taking them. This is an interesting predicament considering how bad the unemployment rate is and lack of jobs available in other provinces across the country. 

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For many business leaders facing labor shortages in Quebec this is a massive concern and reason for ultimate panic. Companies across the province are having their plans for expansion crumble in front of them, while smaller companies are going completely out of business. Without people working the important jobs in the province, how will certain things we need still get done?

The highest job vacancy rate can be found in the personal services business followed by construction, wholesale trade and professional services. These are jobs that communities across Quebec definitely need filled! Without people working in a position such as construction, roadwork will never be completed in places like Montreal. 

Luckily, companies are finding ways to work around lack of employees. Certain jobs have the potential to be robotized, having a computer, or robot, perform the tasks at hand rather than a human employee.

This does work, but having human workers is the most ideal outcome to the job vacancy epidemic. Thankfully, the most common solution to the enormous amount of available jobs happens to be offering immigrant workers a way into the Quebec labour market.

The only problem is that immigrants to Quebec tend to choose to move to larger cities such as Montreal and Laval, while the highest number of job vacancies are in Northern regions of Quebec. To tackle this issue companies will be rolling out an overall wage increase of 0.8% to provide some incentive for people to move to rural Quebec for work.

It's safe to say that if you're desperate for some work in Quebec, you'll have a pretty easy time finding a job anywhere you want. 


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