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Quebec High School And Surrounding Area In Emergency Lockdown Due To Possible Death Threat

The area has been closed off by police.
Quebec High School And Surrounding Area In Emergency Lockdown Due To Possible Death Threat

While we have few details right now, it is clear that Quebec High School has been put into lockdown and police deployment is underway.

There have not been any evacuations as of yet and streets in the area are currently blocked off.

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TL;DR Police have closed off the area around Quebec High School as an alleged threat to the school was made via the Internet. Students are being held in their classrooms and no evacuation has begun.

6 police cars have been deployed to Quebec High School...but no details yet

February 15, 2019

Road closures are in place on rue Belvédère between chemin Sainte-Foy and boulevard René-Lévesque. 

The Quebec City Police Service has not provided any more details about the nature of the alleged threats to the school.

The alleged threats may have come from a student and were reportedly made online.

Students are not currently being evacuated nor is there any movement outside the building, according to a report by Le Journal de Quebec.

The CBC is reporting that students are being confined to their classrooms.

Opération policière: plusieurs rues fermées autour de Québec High School. Un élève aurait fait des menaces. Maître chien sur place. #rcqc

February 15, 2019

The tweet above reads: Police operation: Several streets closed around Quebec High School. A student may have made threats. Police dogs on the scene.

The local radio station tweeted this, below:

ALERT: Quebec High School has been placed in confinement after receiving death threats via social media. The police are currently encircling the Belvedere Street school.

ALERTE l L'école Quebec High School a été placé en confinement après la réception de menaces de morts via les réseaux sociaux. Les policiers du @SPVQ_police encerclent présentement l'école de la rue Belvédère.

February 15, 2019

We will update you with details as they come to light.

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