Quebec Hosting Giant Poutine Festival This Summer

Celebrate our national dish the right way.
Quebec Hosting Giant Poutine Festival This Summer

Ah, poutine. One of my (and everyone else in the world's, TBH) all time favourite dishes, there's nothing quite on this earth like a dish of fresh fries, gravy, and cheese curds.

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Although Montreal has many ways to celebrate this awesome dish, and even more spots to enjoy it at, every so often, you want to see what other cities have to offer when it comes to a steaming hot poutine.

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Luckily, one Quebec town does not disappoint.

Drummondville will be hosting its 10th annual Festival de la Poutine this August 24 - 26, 2017, at the Centre Marcel-Dionne.

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You can expect fun crowds, live music, good vibes, and of course... lots and lots of poutine!

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Presale tickets are priced at $28; regular tickets will go for $23 for the day, and $38 for the weekend. 

Sounds like all the fun? You know it does!

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For more information on this festival, check out the official website right here!