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Quebec Hosting Massive "Harry Potter" Theme Feast

I'm dead sirius.
Quebec Hosting Massive "Harry Potter" Theme Feast

If you're reading this I assume you're a massive Harry Potter fan like myself. When the books came out it was game over. Everyone had their noses stuffed inside those books everywhere they went. Then when the movies came out the series blew up even bigger than before! We got to travel to the wizarding world with our favourite characters on the big screens. 

Even though the series ended and we no longer get to travel to the magical land of Hogwarts with Harry, Ron and Hermione anymore, there's still other fun ways we can escape to the wizarding world on our own! 

One of the best ways is this amazing Harry Potter themed event that's taking place right here in Quebec! 

via @harrypotterfilm

The event is called Baguettes et Sortileges and it's taking place on October 8th at La Seigneurie des Patriotes from 11 am-11 pm! The best part? It's just a 57 min drive from Montreal to get there!

This crazy event will feature everything Harry Potter themed including exhibitors and craftsmen, a magical improv show, workshops and a massive banquet feast with all the fixings just like in the movies! 

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Although the dining hall may not be decorated with floating candles or snow falling from thin air, you can expect some special magical surprises to be coming your way all throughout the evening! 

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The price of tickets range from $13 for kids to $96 for VIP access! But you better get your tickets quick because this awesome feast is selling out quick. 

Buy your tickets here and check out the Facebook event for more information. 

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