Quebec Is Changing Its Tattoo Regulations

You can now rest assured that if you decide to remove one you will be safe.
Quebec Is Changing Its Tattoo Regulations

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A well-designed tattoo is truly a piece of living art, and Montreal is home to many tattoo-clad citizens sporting some amazing ink. Even Montreal hockey fans show their pride with some skin art. While getting a tattoo in Montreal is a magical moment in a person's life, having a tattoo removed, can be another, much more grim, story entirely.

After a recent report by Radio-Canada that focused on the horrors experienced by 18 different Quebec women who had their tattoos removed, the Quebec College of Physicians have decided to form a committee and create province-wide regulations on tattoo removal, reports CBC.

Tattoo removal is not technically a medical practice, and that's why no set of rules or regulations exist in the province right now. Regardless, the procedure can cause some lifelong damage to a person if performed haphazardly, as was the case for the 18 women who went to Bye Bye Tattoo in St-Eustache, Quebec. In all cases, the women suffered 2nd degree burns and will be scarred for the entire lives.

The committee of physicians aims to have some formal recommendations for the regulation of tattoo removal in Quebec by 2015. Until then, don't go to Bye Bye Tattoo to get your ink removed, as the customer reviews are far from stellar.

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