Quebec Is Cutting Taxes To Make Your Life Significantly More Affordable

Quebecers in the “middle class” tax bracket are expected to a significant tax break when provisional government unveils its “economic update” next week. 

To be tabled on Tuesday, November 21st, the tax reforms will aid Quebec’s lowest earners, the middle class, and families, reports CBC. 

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Information on the tax cuts was unveiled by Finance Minister Carlos Leitao via Facebook video, alongside Premiere Philippe Couillard. 

The economic “won't be for the richest" in Quebec, said Leitao, firmly placing the tax-plan as a strategy for the province’s less affluent population. 

All Quebecers who place in the middle-income tax brackets will enjoy a “reduction in the taxes they pay,” promised Leitao in the video. 

Quebecers on the lower rungs of the economic ladder will also benefit from the soon-to-be-revealed tax cuts. 

Leitao alluded to an “anti-poverty road map” that will address the economic issues plaguing Quebec’s low-income earners. Specifically, Leitao mentioned benefits for Quebecers who currently don’t pay income taxes and who subsist off of welfare/government aid. 

No specifics were given on the anti-poverty road map (same goes for the middle-class tax cuts) but the provincial government is promising the new plan will help 100,000 poverty-stricken Quebecers. 

Critics are calling the economic update as a bid for votes. As The Gazette points out, “Quebecers will be going to the polls in about a year and the government is slowly shifting itself into charm mode.” 

Hopefully the tax cuts aren’t all flash and have some actual economic substance. But even if this is a PR move, who cares if it saves a large swath of Quebecers money?