Quebec Is Forcing The City Of Montreal To Favour The Provincial Flag Over The Flag Of Canada

The City of Montreal hasn't been following the rules whatsoever.
Quebec Is Forcing The City Of Montreal To Favour The Provincial Flag Over The Flag Of Canada

Wherever you go in Montreal you'll definitely notice the fleurdelisé proudly raised outside of shops, government buildings, restaurants, and even homes. People in Quebec aren't afraid to show their love for the province, although many Canadians interpret that pride as disdain for the rest of the country.

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TL;DR Montreal has received massive backlash recently due to their lack of provincial flags on government property, which violates provincial law. Quebec businesses and government locations must ensure that the fleurdelisé has precedence over any other flag.

Yes, the Canadian maple leaf flag is typically hung up as well, but it is no where near as ubiquitous. Still, the rules don't seem to be strict enough according to Légis Québec's Laws and Regulations, which is why some new ones are coming to the table to ensure the Quebec provincial flag is always #1.

The provincial law requires that the fleurdelisé be the most prominent flag if there are multiple flags in one area. Since Montreal's City Hall has, apparently, given precedence to Canada's national flag rather than Quebec's provincial flag, they've been seeing major backlash.

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There's also been some uproar over the council chamber at city hall and the municipal courthouse, which only displays Montreal's city flag.

In the Légis Québec Act Respecting The Flag And Emblems Of Québec, it's stated that in all cases, the provincial flag holds precedence over any other flag or emblem.

This means officials will either have to get rid of every other flag in the province (super unlikely), make the fleurdelisé bigger than other flags to show its importance, or centre the flag to make it more conspicuous.

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The City of Montreal has announced that beginning November 19, they will comply to these rules, and begin hanging the provincial flag on every government building across the city.

Do you think these flag regulations are too harsh, or are they totally necessary? Let us know!


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