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Quebec Is Going To Allow Some Outside Gatherings With Very Specific Restrictions

The rules for outdoor gatherings are changing as of Friday, May 22.
Quebec Is Going To Allow Some Outside Gatherings With Very Specific Restrictions

During today's press conference, Deputy Premier of Quebec Geneviève Guilbault announced that starting Friday, May 22, certain outdoor gatherings in Quebec will be permitted. The rules for such are as follows: a maximum of 10 people, from a maximum of three different families/households. And, as always, the two-metre distance must be followed.

Geneviève Guilbault reminded all Quebecers that this is a test.

During Tuesday's conference, the premier told all Quebecers that "if the contagion restarts, we'll have to put the breaks on the reopening and put Quebec back on pause."

Legault made sure to remind everyone that the virus still exists and that now is no time to stop following public health guidelines.

Inside gatherings remain prohibited for the time being.

Yesterday, the province had seen the lowest increase in cases in over a month, with 570 additional cases announced. And in good news, today's increase wasn't much higher. With 578 newly reported COVID-19 cases in Quebec, the province's case count has now reached 44,775. 

Of these, 12,822 individuals have recovered from the virus.

As of right now, there are 1,516 people that remain hospitalized because of the novel coronavirus, of which 183 are in intensive care.

You can watch a live feed of today's public briefing below.

So, starting this Friday, you'll be allowed to have BBQs so long as you are less than 10 people from a maximum of three different households, all while keeping a two-metre distance.

As for the current numbers, Quebec has now had 307,437 individuals test negative for COVID-19. 

On May 18, over 9,000 tests were conducted in the province.

Guilbault said that Quebec's case count is seeing an "encouraging trend" with its decrease in newly reported cases per day.

I hope this news brings a little light to everyone's day.

It feels like Friday cannot come sooner! 

Government officials continue to remind us that we must follow public health guidelines though, which include washing our hands, keeping a two-metre distance, and wearing a protective face mask when in public.

Stay safe, everyone.

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