Quebec Is Going To Be Hit With Up To 30cm Of Snow This Week

Time to pull your winter coat back out of the closet.
Quebec Is Going To Be Hit With Up To 30cm Of Snow This Week

Yes, the weather over the last week made us feel like spring really was here to stay in Quebec. You might have even gotten rid of your winter attire for more comfortable wear appropriate for the season. Face it, you probably even forget what it was like to see mountains of snow covering the streets and sidewalks.

Well, it might be time for us all to come back to reality once again, as this week is expected to bring quite the stormy weather. No, not April showers, but instead the potential for a pretty big snowstorm across the province.

According to The Weather Network, a system is expected to bring up to 30cm of snow to parts of Quebec both tonight and Tuesday.

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TL;DR According to The Weather Network, parts of Quebec are expecting up to 30cm of snowfall over the course of Monday and Tuesday along with 15mm of ice. Snow shower warnings will likely remain in effect for the rest of the week. More details below.

As of now, freezing rain conditions are taking over parts of Ottawa as well as Quebec, including Montreal.

Morning commuters are asked to use caution while on the roads due to slippery and icy conditions.

On top of the 30cm of snow expected in the Quebec City area, up to 15mm of ice is anticipated in both Montreal and the Eastern Townships during the afternoon and evening hours.

Winter-like conditions are taking over most of eastern Canada for the rest of the week.

Snow shower warnings are likely to remain in effect for southern Quebec for the time being.

Stay tuned for more information on Quebec’s undesirable weather this week.


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