Quebec Is Going To Experience Intense Rain, Wind, And Snowstorms This Weekend

Although it's November, we were expecting there to be a slow transition from fall into winter. Unfortunately, Mother Nature has once again surprised us and overnight the weather will become a winter nightmare.

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TL;DR Starting tonight and lasting through the weekend, Quebec is going to be hit with  heavy rain, wind, and snow. Freezing conditions could produce hazardous driving conditions. A "classic fall storm" will hit the province early next week.

Just last weekend parts of Quebec were hit with some snowy, uncomfortable conditions. Just when we thought we'd be getting a little break from the extreme winter weather, it decided to make a major comeback that's going to begin tonight.

Tonight will start out with extremely heavy rainstorms across southern Quebec. Freezing rain is highly likely as well, which could lead to risky driving conditions as ice forms on roads overnight.

To top all of that, snow is going to revisit western Quebec accompanied by intense wind! If this doesn't already sound like an apocalypse, just wait until you hear what's next.

Snow will be expected on higher terrains across the province with freezing rain in lower valleys. Friday night will offer a very brief break from the unforgiving weather. But Saturday morning intense wind will make a comeback with gusts between 50 and 70km/hr.

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After a weekend of truly miserable weather, it'll only drag on into next week. What the Weather Network calls a "classic fall storm" will bring even more rain, wind, and snow to most of Quebec. Needless to say, we're in for one awful November.

Let's just keep our fingers crossed that December offers some milder, safer conditions.


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