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Quebec Is Hiring 180 People Right Now To Be Cannabis Experts

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Quebec Is Hiring 180 People Right Now To Be Cannabis Experts

With the October 17th federal marijuana legalization deadline fast approaching, the provinces are scrambling to get their marijuana retailers operational.

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The Société québécoise du cannabis (SQDC) will be the entity in charge of weed distribution in the province. The agency has already confirmed nine locations in the province, including one and potentially others in Montreal.

As teams of designers and construction crews work to renovate those storefronts to conform to strict regulations, the SQDC is also looking to hire people to work those new locations.

Over one hundred and fifty people are needed to man the retailers. New employees will be charged with a diverse range of tasks, including product specialists who can advise customers about the weed that is best for them, much like SAQ employees help their customers with wine selection.

Working with the SQDC comes with some perks, including a $14/hour wage!

Of course, the SQDC will be only the front end of the emerging cannabis industry. Dozens of start-ups, research teams, and investors with proper liscenses are also hiring people to take advantage of the new market.

Marijuana legalization will probably be a huge boon to the Canadian economy. Though data that shows just how much the new drug will affect the country will likely not be available for a few months after October 17th.

In the meantime, you can check out the SQDC website here for information on job applications!

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