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Quebec's "Festival du Bacon" Is Coming Back This Spring

Because bacon yummy!
Quebec's "Festival du Bacon" Is Coming Back This Spring

In Quebec we have too many festivals to name. But if we're going to take a minute to acknowledge one of them it HAS to be the Bacon Festival.

Last year, everyone went crazy for the first ever edition of the "Festival du Bacon" and this year it's back and better than ever. 

What is Bacon Fest? It's an entire weekend where bacon is the guest of honor. Several kiosks will be serving up bacon to you in every possible form.

In addition to all the food, there will 2 stages. The first stage will feature different shows and musical performances and the second stage will feature culinary demonstrations.

Bacon Fest takes place May 21st to the 22nd at the Park du Domaine Howard de Sherbrooke.

Check out their website for more details

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