Quebec Is Hosting The First Ever "Bacon Race"

Best. Marathon. Ever!
Quebec Is Hosting The First Ever "Bacon Race"

Races and marathons are all about raising funds to support a good cause ... well that's usually the case, but this marathon has an entirely different goal.

Burn calories so that you can eat bacon guilt free.

It sounds crazy but then again there's nothing crazy about using bacon as a motivational tool.

This summer, the city of Sherbrooke is hosting a Bacon Festival and as part of the celebration, they are organizing a very special event, The Bacon Race.

It's a 5 km long walk/race where they actually reward you with bacon bites. Entrance isn't free, but every participant get automatic FREE entrance to the entire festival. (Valid for both days)

You also get:

  • A bacon fest T-shirt.
  • Pictures to commemorate the event.
  • A bacon fest water bottle.

and of course...


Click here to sign up. (Spaces are limited)

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