Quebec Is Suing Netflix

Someone needs to take a stand.
Quebec Is Suing Netflix

No one is happy about the fact that Netflix hiked up its prices for Canadian users. 

But, as with most things, Quebecers are more furious than any other part of the country, as a Quebec law firm is straight-up trying to sue Netflix over the increased prices. 

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Quebec law firm Kugler Kandestin is making preparations to launch a class action lawsuit against Netflix, representing all Quebec Netflix subscribers who have been forced to pay more for the streaming service, reports Global

A lawyer from the firm told Global the lawsuit aims to get all Quebec Netflix-users a refund for the increased prices and millions of dollars in punitive damages.

Simple rage for being forced to pay $10.99/month to binge-watch Buffy, a jump from the previous $8.99 rate-of-monthly-pay, isn't what's driving the class action lawsuit. Well, not entirely. 

The motion says Netflix didn't follow Quebec's Consumer Protection Act, not telling Netflix-users how much they were paying before the hike and not explicitly offering a cancellation if they didn't want the increased fees. 

If you're a Quebec Netflix subscriber, don't expect to get a handsome reimbursement just yet. The lawsuit still needs to be authorized by a Quebec judge. 

Regardless of whether the lawsuit goes forward, though, it's nice to see that even stereotypically-stuffy lawyers are passionate about Netflix, because keeping binge-watching affordable is pretty much a basic human right. 

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