Quebec Isn't Backing Down On Making Uber Leave The Province

Looks like it's "goodbye" to Uber.
Quebec Isn't Backing Down On Making Uber Leave The Province

Where there was a small glimmer of hope, now there’s definite darkness: the Quebec government said it will not be backing down on its stance against Uber. 

Newly appointed Transport Minister André Fortin said, via a news release issued today, that he will still be enforcing 35 hours of trainings and police-approved criminal background checks on all Uber drivers, reports CBC

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It was thought that Fortin, a relatively young politician and one brought into the role of Transport Minister right around when decisions regarding Uber need to be made, would be a bit more lax with the raid-hailing service. 

Uber hoped Fortin would be their ally in the government, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as today’s news release demonstrates.

Fortin isn’t really cutting Uber any slack, making it seem ever more likely that the company will be leaving Quebec.

Uber is supposed to be ceasing operations in the province on Saturday, as the company threatened if the newly imposed rules weren’t softened. 

Fortin did make a small edit to Quebec’s framework on Uber: new drivers have eight weeks (after Sunday) to get a criminal background check done. Current drivers have two years. 

All of these changes come into effect on Saturday, when the current pilot project for Uber-in-Quebec is set to expire. 20 hours of training and criminal background checks performed by private companies were the rules laid out in the original pilot project. 

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