Quebec Issues Warning For Black Fly Bites

The province is going to get hit hard.
Quebec Issues Warning For Black Fly Bites

Black flies are seriously the worst.

They feed on our blood, they spread diseases, and if that wasn't bad enough, they don't sting, they bite... literally!

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They stretch the skin with their teeth, then they actually cut the skin and rupture the capillaries. They then inject you with an anti-coagulant that numbs you to the pain, so they could feed longer. 

In May, The National Public Health Institute of Quebec reported that the number of biting insects in Montreal is going to explode.

And this province is already notorious for heavy mosquito and black fly concentrations, due to the fact that we have a vast territory filled with forest, lakes and rivers, which is the perfect breeding ground for these kind of insects. 

That, combined with the record breaking rain we've been seeing these last few month and the floods, means there are more breeding grounds then ever before. 

Quebec even has a special intervention plan in place in case the situation gets out of hand. 

But in the end, you have to look out for yourself so make sure to consult the Quebec Government's Ministry of biting insects page, and be sure to read CAA's Black Fly And Mosquito Prevention page