Quebec Issues Warning For Mosquito Bites

The swarms are coming!
Quebec Issues Warning For Mosquito Bites

The weather hasn't exactly been spoiling us lately, and yet somehow it's about to get worse. 

But it isn't the rain or the cold you need to fear. It's the bugs, specifically mosquitoes.

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According to environment Canada, the cold wet spring has been creating ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, and once the weather warms up we are going to be seeing a mosquito massacre.

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Plus with all the flooding happening around Quebec, there are far more pools of stagnant water than normal, which will make the situation even worse. 

And it's not just the itching you'll need to worry about. This year, Quebec is warning people to be extra careful and to protect themselves to avoid a potential west nile virus contamination.

Quebec even hired a special panel of experts to keep an eye on the situation. They recommend using mosquito repellent, avoiding exposure in the mornings and in the evenings, and making sure there is no still-water near you home.

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