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Quebec Just Spent Over 2 Million Dollars To Take Care Of All The Beluga Whales In The St. Lawrence River

The project is being compared to a 3D video game.
Quebec Just Spent Over 2 Million Dollars To Take Care Of All The Beluga Whales In The St. Lawrence River

Northern Quebec is home to quite a few marine animals. You can even participate in excursions like kayaking with whales because of how plentiful these gentle giants are in our waters! It seems as if Quebec is the ultimate hotspot for whales. 

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Unfortunately, that doesn't stop them from being endangered. The beluga whale, the smaller cousin of the giant whales you're probably more familiar with, is actually super threatened in their natural habitat. 

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There's actually only about 1,000 of these whales left in Quebec, and that number is only going down as time goes on. The biggest contributor to the decrease is lack of food, human interferance, and of course pollution. If changes aren't made then soon enough these whales could be totally extinct in Quebec.

Luckily, the province has sprung into action and is investing over $2 million in a project to save the whales! The project focuses on tracking the movement of both the whales and the boats that frequent the water of the St. Lawrence in hopes that more accidents will be avoided in the future.

It's being called the "video game of the St. Lawrence" since 3D data of the whales will be used to make some sort of game plan on how scientists and the government of Quebec will begin to protect the waters and increase the population. 

This is definitely an incredible step in the right direction of being more environmentally cautious as well as welcoming beautiful animals into the province. Way to go, Quebec!


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