Quebec Landlords Want To Ban Smoking Marijuana Inside Apartments

Pretty much just like cigarettes.
Quebec Landlords Want To Ban Smoking Marijuana Inside Apartments

A group of Quebec landlords are pushing for the right to ban the smoking of marijuana inside of rental unites. 

During the Quebec City hearings on marijuana legalization, the Corporation of real estate owners of Quebec (CORPIQ), which represents 25,000 landlords in the province, voiced their marijuana-related concerns. 

CORPIQ is essentially asking for the right to alter leases in order to change the wording so that marijuana is specifically banned. 

Currently, most leases prohibit smoking (alluding to cigarettes) but nothing is said about marijuana, since it’s already an illegal substance. Obviously that will change once legalization hits and CORPIQ landlords are worried that will give tenants the right to smoke cannabis inside of their apartments. 

The Bill 157 hearings, which ended last week, were solely a platform for citizens and groups to raise their concerns about impending marijuana legalizations. No formal decisions about smoking weed inside of apartments were made, or anything else for that matter. 

Fortunately, even if CORPIQ landlords do amend leases to prohibit the smoking of marijuana, tenants can reject the change and take the matter to the Regie du logement. 

Growing marijuana plants will not be allowed in Quebec under the province’s legalization framework.