Quebec Language Police Are Forcing A Saint-Denis Store To Close

All because of English board games.
Quebec Language Police Are Forcing A Saint-Denis Store To Close

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The OQLF has found itself a new victim. It seems that French children of Montreal are being brainwashed by an evil board game shop owner who wants nothing more than to destroy the French language in Montreal.

Okay so that's not actually what's happening, but you'd think it was judging by the OQLF's "recommendations." According to CJAD, the owner of a St-Denis board game shop called Chez Geeks received a letter from the language police where they listed his supposed offenses. The store owner was accused of speaking English to his customers (a crime punishable by death in many countries), and selling board games that didn't have a French equivalent. The OQLF also said that the store owner cannot keep the English version of a game in stock if the French version is sold out. That's insane! That means that if the store runs out of French Monopoly, the owner has to pull every other Monopoly game from the shelves until he can restock the French versions. Not just that, many of the board games come from the US, which means they do not have a French equivalent because toy manufacturers in the U.S. aren't willing to spend all that money translating their games just get in on the Quebec market.

Giancarlo Caltabiano, the owner of the shop (he should probably translate his name to French) said he even took the time to print out French instructions for every game that didn't have already have a French version, but that's still not enough to please our grand and wise language overlords. The OQLF also demanded that Calbatiano take down his website until he can put up a french version, and since that would be too expensive, the owner has no choice but to shut the website down all together.

The owner insists that he does everything he can to comply to the language laws but that many of the games simply don't exist in French. Only 20% of his game stock comes in both languages which means that if he's forced to obey with the demands of the OQLF, he will have no choice but to get rid of 80% of his stock which would also force him to shut down his store.

The site is still up (for now) so be sure to check it out HERE while you can or head to the Chez Geeks store on St-Denis to support a fellow Montrealer.


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