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Quebec Liberals Want Former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre To Lead The Party, Poll Shows

Coderre de retour?
Quebec Liberals Want Former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre To Lead The Party, Poll Shows
  • A new poll asking Quebec Liberals who they think should run the party in the province has come back with former Montreal mayor Denis Coderre on top.
  • The former MP and mayor has not made any indication that he's going to run, yet Quebec Liberals had him at the top of the poll, above two candidates that have announced their run.

A new poll done by Léger Marketing for the Journal de Montréal shows that Denis Coderre is the favourite to lead the Quebec Liberals, despite the fact that he's made no indication that he has any plans to run.

The next Liberal leader will not be chosen until May of 2020, but the question is already top of mind for many who wonder where the party will go after its significant loss in 2018.

Philippe Couillard had been the Liberal Party leader in Quebec since 2013 but resigned after his loss to Legault's CAQ last year. Pierre Arcand is currently serving as the interim leader.

The new Liberal leader would be faced with the task of going head-to-head with Legault again in the 43rd Quebec general election that will take place on (or before) October 3, 2022.

Until then, though, they would maintain their position as leader of the opposition, which would still require going head-to-head with Legault on a semi-regular basis in the National Assembly.

And it seems that Coderre's lack of announcement when it comes to running for this position has not stopped Quebeckers from throwing their weight behind him, as this new poll shows.

Here are the results that Léger came back with after speaking with Quebec Liberals about who they would like to see running the party after the general election next spring.

  1. Denis Coderre (19%)
  2. Dominique Anglade (12%)
  3. Alexandre Cusson (8%)
  4. Pierre Moreau (5%)
  5. Pierre Arcand (3%)
  6. Sophie Brochu (2%)
  7. Alexandre Taillefer (2%)
  8. Andre Fortin (2%)
  9. Alexandre Boulay (1%)

The undecided topped the poll with 44% of respondents answering that they hadn't made their choice yet, which is fair considering the election isn't for another 6 months.

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Aside from Coderre, who hasn't yet announced his bid to run for Liberal party leader in Quebec, there are two people on the list above who have indicated there interest in the position.

According to CJAD News, Dominique Anglade, who came second in the poll, "launched her leadership bid" last Friday, November 22, 2019. She currently holds the MNA position for the riding of Saint-Henri-Sainte-Anne.

Third on the polling list was Alexandre Cusson, who announced his intention to run for the position just one day after Anglade, on Saturday, November 23. He is currently the mayor of Drummondville and has been an outspoken opponent of Bill 21.

So, will Coderre throw his hat in the ring? Well, the ex-mayor is no stranger to federal or provincial politics, considering his position as MP for Bourassa between 1997 and 2013. He also did a year as Immigration Minister from 2002-2003.

But these days Coderre has been keeping his right hooks out of parliament and in the boxing ring, so it's hard to say if he could be called back to politics.

Or, perhaps, all his training was leading up to this leadership race all along.

Only time will tell.

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