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Quebec Man Breaks Record For Speeding On The Trans Canada Highway

One of the fastest speeds police have on record.
Quebec Man Breaks Record For Speeding On The Trans Canada Highway

Before the construction holidays came around, I wrote about a post about the Quebec police ramping up their patrol team for the weekend.  Apparently, the construction holiday is a deadly time to be on the road.

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As a result, police are everywhere. And it's a good thing as reportedly 13 people have died in the province over the construction holiday weekend due to busy roads and poor driving. 

Now, we heard a story of a Quebec man who REALLY wanted to test the limits of the road.

This young man was caught driving on the Trans Canada Highway in Nova Scotia at a mind-boggling speed of 232 KM/Hour. That's 122 KM over the speed limit and is not only an extreme danger to himself but all the other families and people on the road.

This man was actually racing with another car, and the police subsequently caught both men.  The young Quebec man was charged and fined a whopping $2,422, and his vehicle was immediately seized, and his license was suspended. 

According to a source, the arresting officer claimed that it's one of the fastest speeds the police force has on record, and the highest he’s seen in his 14-year career. 

I hope it was worth it.


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