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Quebec Man Builds Backyard Theater To Watch Montreal Canadiens Games

The 'coolest' way to watch the Habs win.
Quebec Man Builds Backyard Theater To Watch Montreal Canadiens Games

Photo cred - CTV News

Building a backyard skating rink to play our game is nothing new, but have you ever watched a hockey game in a backyard theater made entirely out of snow? Sounds pretty Canadian right?

I came across this story last night after watching the Habs crush the Columbus Blue Jackets and just had to share. In an interview with Stephane Giroux from CTV News, Vaudreuil-Dorion resident Michel Charleboix explained how he wanted to offer a fun activity to share with family and friends. While most of us have been cursing one of the coldest winters in recent history, Charleboix has been embracing it, and started gathering snow in the wee hours of the morning since January, to build a giant screen and seating to accommodate about 30 people.

He's got an HD projector and speakers set up, and will be hosting his premier screening for friends, family and neighbours this Saturday, just in time for Hockey Night In Canada.

You have to be pretty nuts to pull off such a feat, but we have to tip our hat to him. That's the kind of Habs dedication we love to see.

Watch the full video HERE.

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