Quebec Man Dies After Drinking Four Loko

Energy drinks are a cause for concern.
Quebec Man Dies After Drinking Four Loko

Mixing various types of drugs can have some lethal consequences.

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Earlier this morning, a coroner confirmed the cause of Pierre Parent's death from a cardiac arrest, which occurred just after Christmas on December 26th of last year. It has been determined that his cause of death was from consuming caffeine, drugs and four cans of Four Loko. Consuming alcohol, caffeine and chlorpheniramine (which is an antihistamine) can cause sudden death.

Four Loko is a line of beverages that contain alcohol (11.9%), and previously contained caffeine. The beverage had to be reformulated due to warnings from FDA that beverages containing caffeine, sugar and alcohol was a concern.

Unfortunately, Pierre became addicted to Four Loko, in which he consumed two cans per day.

This isn't the only death caused by a high energy drink, a teen girl from Laval died this past March from drinking an energy drink called FCKD UP.

The beverage can dangerous to young individuals with their colourful packaging and having being previously advertised last year with posters across Concordia. Last year, L'Université du Québec à Montréal was offering free agendas that contained promotional coupons for this dangerous beverage.

This is one drink to stay away from.

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