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Quebec Man Prank Calls Bell Mobility

There is funny and then there is this.
Quebec Man Prank Calls Bell Mobility

Every single one of us who owns a cellphone, essentially 99.9% of anyone reading, knows how much of a pain in the literal ass it can be to call your cellphone provider. For real, I actually get extreme buttock-discomfort just thinking about calling Rogers, Bell, or Telus. I know I'm not alone. Sticking it to their cellphone company, one Quebecer decided to give Bell a taste of their own medicine with an amazing prank call that I must truly call genius.

Many thanks to Petit Petit Gamin who brought this amazing prank to our attention, which features one clever Quebecer (Le G) calling Bell, and slyly creating a tech support on tech support conversation. Inspired by a reddit hack that involves putting calls on hold, the prankster was able to force one Bell rep to talk to another Bell rep, both of them thinking the other was a needy customer.

Best yet, one Bell worker was an Anglophone and the other a Francophone, leading to even more delightful confusion. Don't worry, no tiresome language politics came about, just good old fashion hilarity. Check it out below.

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