Quebec Man Steals Police Car And Goes On A Joy Ride

Hope it was worth it.
Quebec Man Steals Police Car And Goes On A Joy Ride

A crazy car chase started early this morning in Boischatel, a municipality near Montmorency Quebec. 

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According to a source, a suspect came out of his house very early this morning and proceeded to smash a window of a patrol vehicle and hop in and drive away.  

We still have no clue what motivated this, but of course, the Sûreté du Québec was on the chase right away assisted by the Quebec City Police Service and other local officials. The chase proceeded on the highway, I can picture it being like in the movies.

The car hopped onto highway 40 - a provincial road that is also known to be the busiest in the province - and continued his joy ride until 6:30 am when he stopped in the parking lot of a restaurant.

The suspect was then arrested. 

Once again, when it comes to ridiculous and almost comical incidents like this, it seems that they are the product of totally unchained impulses - rather than intentional violence -  and in the end, we have no idea as to what exactly motivated the suspect to do such a thing, but we hope the joy ride was worth it.


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