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Quebec May Ban E-Cigarettes & Vapes In Public Places

Please sir and ma'am, take that outside.
Quebec May Ban E-Cigarettes & Vapes In Public Places

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E-Cigarettes, which exist in a kind of smoking gray-area at the moment, may finally get official rules and regulations from the provincial government. Fearful of e-cigs in the hands impressionable youths and their unstudied adverse health effects, the use of vaps may become more restricted across the province.

Quebec cabinet minister Lucie Charlebois is fighting to update the province's Tobacco Act and make it so e-cigs can't be smoked in public places nor sold to minors, reports Le Devoir. Advertising and promotion for e-cigs would also be limited.

The proposed e-cig restrictions have some political support. PQ spokesperson for Health Diane Lamarre believes new e-cig laws should quickly move forward.

Flory Ducas, spokeperson for the Quebec coalition for the control of tobacco is also keen on new e-cig laws, but does want to the benefits of e-cigs to be considered when new rules are formed, such as their use in quitting normal cigarettes.

All the hubbub was likely inspired by a new study from the Canadian Cancer Society which cites 10% of grade 6 students in Quebec have tried e-cigs, as cited by Le Devoir. Couple that with a UdeM analysis that 6 our of 9 e-cig brands marked "nicotine-free" did actually contain nicotine. Young kids + addictive substances = bad times, especially when e-cigs are a likely gateway to the real stuff.

Montreal already put forth some proposed new rules to regulate e-cigs, which are very much in line with those above. If the provincial government moves forward with these e-cig regulations, Montreal's health officials would likely be on board. The vast amount of Montrealers who smoke e-cigs, maybe not so much.

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