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Quebec Police Arrested A Teenager For Torturing And Sacrificing Animals

Glad this wasn't my neighbour.
Quebec Police Arrested A Teenager For Torturing And Sacrificing Animals

Two Quebec men, one of which is only a teenager, have been arrested by Gatineau for extreme cruelty against cats and other animals. 

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TL;DR  Two young Quebec men have been arrested by local police for severe cruelty against cats and other animals.

Back in June local police stumbled across a building where they found evidence of least one person was killing or torturing animals as part of some sort of ritual sacrifice. 

The recent arrestations were the end-game of a lengthy investigation conducted by local police to find the people behind these cruel acts.

The police found tortured rats and hamsters.  The neighbor also found a cat that was tied up and severely malnourished and dehydrated, barely living.

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There isn't a great deal of detail on the actual rituals.

However, the two young men who are suspected to be behind these cruel acts have been arrested. One is only 16 years old, and the other is 20.

Cruelty towards animals should never be taken lightly.

Many infamous killers were known to start on animals. Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy, for example, who both ended up killing forty and seventeen people, respectively. Not to say that this would be the case here, but an early intervention by officials is always wise.


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