Quebec Might Be Getting Their First-Ever "Cannabis Cafés" Next Month

It's no secret by now that cannabis is going to be legal across Canada on October 17. We've already spent months receiving news about the day, learning the rules each province will be enforcing, and even discovering that most cities won't make it easy for you to find somewhere you're allowed to smoke publicly.

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TL;DR Saint-Jérôme Mayor Stéphane Maher has proposed the creation of cannabis cafés in the province in response to most of Quebec banning public smoking. The PQ party has already shown their support of the idea. The cannabis cafes would be much like a coffee shop or bar, providing a controlled environment for those of legal age to enjoy marijuana legalization.

Up until now, most of the news surrounding cannabis legalization has been pretty negative.

Especially when you consider that most Quebec municipalities will make it illegal to smoke outside of your home, while at the same time landlords can make it illegal to smoke inside of your apartment.

It sounds pretty confusing, and a bit disappointing. Luckily, one Quebec mayor may be on to something that could totally fix this predicament. 

Cannabis cafés.

Saint-Jérôme Mayor Stéphane Maher came up with the idea that the only way to really ease the struggle of not letting Quebecers smoke wherever they want is to allow an outlet where they can go to enjoy the substance without any concequences.

The cannabis café would be a lot like a coffee shop or bar. In a controlled environment where staff could cut you off, call you a cab if you smoked too much, and only allow people over the age of 18 inside.

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There's been support of this idea from political party leaders as well. The PQ has announced that they would permit these cafés after legalization next month, so the idea seems to be spreading pretty quickly.

It's not yet confirmed that cannabis cafés will be open and running for business come October. But it definitely looks like something we should expect in the near future.

Who knows, in a few months from now going on a "coffee date" or working at a regular café may be a thing of the past.

Stay tuned for more information on the future of cannabis cafés in Quebec. 


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