All Of The Quebec Movies & TV Shows That Are Currently Available On Netflix

Sadly, it's a very short list.
All Of The Quebec Movies & TV Shows That Are Currently Available On Netflix

With Crave announcing last month that it is now a bilingual streaming service with over 6,000 hours of French content as of January 28, the question of what Netflix is up to crossed our minds. Originally the streaming service, Netflix now has to compete with a slew of other services like Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu to name a few. But is the premier streaming network comparable to Crave for not only its French-language content but more specifically — its Quebec movies and TV shows?

The answer is, not really. While Crave is continuously adding to its French programming, and just debuted its first Francophone original series Pour Toujours Plus Un Jour, our dear Netflix seems to only be plodding along. 

A few of the better known Quebec shows like Monsieur Lazhar and Incendies have both been removed from Netflix Canada and are now only streamable on Amazon Prime. 

It looks like there are only seven movies and TV shows from our fair province that you can currently watch. And that includes parts one and two of a popular movie franchise. 

So, if you're stuck with Netflix but craving a true Québécois TV or film experience, check out the list of what's currently available below.



A sperm donor finds out he is a father to 533 children. The movie is very loosely based on true events.

The film was also remade in Hollywood starring Vince Vaughn under the title Delivery Man.

Bon Cop Bad Cop 1 & 2 

A buddy cop movie that is one of the only films (of its time) that balances both English and French. A straight-arrow Ontario cop and a Quebec rule-breaker cop, have to work together to solve a murder. Let the hilarity ensue.

Les Affamés

If you're not tired of Zombie films, this one is worth a watch. Taking place in a remote Quebec town, the horror movie follows families dealing with a flesh-eating plague.

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A dark comedy that follows the story of three longtime friends who come from a disadvantaged background.

Bad Blood

Though the series is primarily in English, this Montreal based show focuses (based on true events) on the history of Quebec organized crime. In English or French, this is a definite must-see if you're interested in the impact the mafia had on the city of Montreal.

It looks like Netflix has some catching up to do when it comes to its French Canadian lineups.

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