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Quebec Now Has 13,557 Cases & Legault Says Social Distancing Will Save Hundreds Of Lives

There have been 360 deaths in the province due to the novel coronavirus.
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Quebec Now Has 13,557 Cases & Legault Says Social Distancing Will Save Hundreds Of Lives

Getting back in his daily routine taking Easter Sunday off, Premier François Legault held a press conference in order to update all Quebecers about the current coronavirus situation in the province. As of Monday, April 13, there are currently 13,557 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. There have now been 360 deaths in the province related to the novel coronavirus, which is an increase of 32 from the day before.

François Legault offered his condolences to the family and friends of the victims of the virus.

The previous day, on April 12, there were a total of 12,846 confirmed COVID-19 cases in Quebec.

Right now, there are 879 people hospitalized due to the virus in the province.

In his daily Facebook post, Legault wrote that "The urgency for us right now is to take care of the most vulnerable. This is our priority mission. That's what we're focused on."

The Premier reminded us that in order to protect everyone, we must all continue to practice social distancing, which involves staying two metres away from one another and avoiding any gatherings — unless they are deemed essential.

"Good days will return," Legault stated.

You are able to watch a live video of the Government of Quebec's press conference on April 13 below.

Legault stated during the press conference that social distancing will save the lives of hundreds of people.

Santé Québec continues to publish daily updates on Twitter, which you can see the most recent one of below.

To reiterate, there are now 13,557 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Quebec, with 879 who remain hospitalized.

In total, there have been 118,013 individuals who have tested negative for novel coronavirus in the province.

Of the 13,557 COVID-19 cases in Quebec, 6,393 of them are within the region of Montreal.

[rebelmouse-image 26885744 photo_credit="Government of Quebec" expand=1 original_size="589x398"] Government of Quebec

Thus, Montreal remains the epicentre of the virus.

The other two Quebec regions with the most COVID-19 cases include Montérégie with 1,433 cases and Laval with 1,268 cases.

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