Quebec Now Has 3,430 COVID-19 Cases But Legault Said There's Some 'Good News' Too (VIDEO)

There has not been a large rise in the number of people in intensive care.
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Quebec Now Has 3,430 COVID-19 Cases But Legault Said There's Some 'Good News' Too (VIDEO)

Premier François Legault announced that, as of March 30, the confirmed number of cases of COVID-19 in Quebec has reached 3,430. This is a rise of 590 cases since the previous day. There are now 235 people who remain in Quebec hospitals due to the novel coronavirus.

"We've only had an augmentation of six more people in intensive care." This brings the number of individuals currently in intensive care to 78, which he says is fewer hospitalizations than we'd expect. "That's the good news for today," Legault said, as he continues to try to find light in dark times. 

There have now been three new deaths as of today, making the new total of deaths due to COVID-19 in Quebec 25. To this, Legault offered his deepest condolences to the family and friends of each of these individuals.

During the press conference, Legault reminded the public to remain realistic, saying that this battle could very well last for weeks longer. But, he also reminded us to stay positive.

On this note, he pointed out that mental health is just as important as physical health. Upon saying this, Legault thanked all social workers in Quebec that continue to help citizens during this time.

Below is the link to the live video of the Government of Quebec's public briefing about the situation on March 30.

During this press conference, Legault also asked that all provinces and countries order medical masks, gowns, and gloves with precaution. Because, he pointed out, if the curve continues to rise, medical workers are going to need them.

And if there aren't enough for all the workers, many problems could come about.

According to Santé Québec's most recent update, there have been 56,285 individuals who have tested negative for the virus in the province.

6,200 remain under investigation for potentially having the virus.

Legault said "Our battle against the coronavirus continues and it's understandable why isolated people find it long," in his Facebook post on March 30.

The Government of Quebec recently released a self-care guide to help protect oneself, and others, against COVID-19. This is a good reference for anyone who is unsure of how to go about helping stop the spread of the virus in the province.

Legault also mentioned in the public briefing that if anyone is feeling anxious or depressed during this difficult time, that they should not hesitate to reach out to Quebec's many mental health services.

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