Quebec Now Has A "Anglophones For Quebec Independence" Political Party

Last week we made a pretty surprising discovery.

Everyone knows about the OQLF, but did you know that Quebec actually has an OQLA? (Office Quebecois de la Langue Anglaise)

That's when we started wondering whether there are also Anglophone Separatists.

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Of course we dismissed the idea thinking it was impossible, but this morning we found out that according to CTV they actually exist.

A woman named Jennifer Drouin was inspired by an idea proposed by Jean-Francois Lisee called Bold Anglos For Independence.

Here's the original blog post.

The group calls themselves "Anglophones for Quebec Independence" and they are tired of everyone assuming they are federalists just because they speak English.

"There's no reason why anglophones can't have a range of political views and be sovereignist or federalist"  - Source: CTV

Drouin believes that Quebec independence is the only way to protect the French language and the Quebecois culture.

I find it weird that she's so concerned with this issue considering she's from Nova Scotia. And the fact that they registered their Facebook page the day before Saint-Jean Baptiste makes me think these guys are just trolling us.

Drouin refuses to reveal how many members there are in the group currently, but there are holding a press conference at 10:00 am today (Friday, Sep. 23rd) which means we'll soon know everything there is to know about Anglophones for Quebec Independence

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