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Quebec Now Has An "Office Québécois De La Langue Anglaise"

Yes, you are reading that correctly.

Working at this job, whether I like it or not, at some point or another I have to talk about The Quebec Language Police.

I can't help it.

They're always making headlines for their ridiculous rules and for harassing small business owners.

But I don't want to be biased and only talk about one side, so it got me thinking.

Montreal is mostly French, yet they require a language police.

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But what about the English speakers, shouldn't they have their own language police too?

Well, it turns out they do. And I promise that if they ever do something stupid, I'll write an article about it.

No joke, it's called the OQLA (l'Office Quebecois de la Langue Anglaise) and it's very, very real.

Their mission is to preserve and promote the English Language as allowed by Bill 101 and to ensure English does not become extinct.

They also want to ensure the continued use of English in signage advertising and product information.

The OQLA make sure to point on their website out that they aim to achieve their goals without hindering other languages.

They simply want all Quebecers to read and understand the Language Laws of the province so that they'll be aware of their rights.

Here's a snippet of their language law crash course.

The OQLA is a non-profit organization that is entirely run by volunteers.

They're always looking for more people to get involved and become members.

For more information, to volunteer or make a donation check out the OQLA's website right here.

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