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Quebec's Death Toll Has Now Surpassed 3,000 As The Province's Case Count Reaches Over 38k

There have been 85 newly reported deaths in the past 24 hours.
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Quebec's Death Toll Has Now Surpassed 3,000 As The Province's Case Count Reaches Over 38k

It was business as usual for Premier François Legault on this Monday afternoon as he held his public briefing about the coronavirus situation in the province. As of today, on May 11, there are 38,469 cases of COVID-19 in Quebec. This is a rise of 748 cases since yesterday.

Quebec's death toll has now surpassed 3,000. There have currently been 3,013 deaths related to COVID-19 in Quebec.

Of the 85 deaths in the past 24 hours, Legault announced that 82 of them were in Greater Montreal.

The Premier confirmed that "the situation is stabilizing" outside of the Greater Montreal area, which has led the government to reopen various different businesses everywhere else in Quebec now.

You can read about everything that has opened in Quebec as of May 11 here.

In his Facebook post of the day, Legault wrote that "the situation in the Montreal area remains very fragile. That is why the opening has been delayed until May 25 and if the situation is not under control, the reopening will be postponed."

You can watch a live feed of the provincial government's press conference on May 11 below.

When discussing the high amount of deaths in Quebec as opposed to other places in the world, Legault mentioned three reasons for our current situation.

Firstly, our Spring Break happened earlier than other provinces and countries, which led people to travel and bring the virus back with them, the Premier said.

Next, he mentioned that Quebec considers all deaths that happen in CHSLDs during the pandemic under the umbrella of COVID-19 related deaths.

And finally, Legault admitted that the government was unprepared for the situation in the province's CHSLDs.

Up until now, 250,528 individuals in Quebec have tested negative for COVID-19, as indicated below by Santé Québec.

Currently, there are 1,838 people who remain hospitalized due to the virus.

During this press conference, Legault made sure to mention that even though certain things are starting to reopen, all gatherings remain prohibited.

"We must do things gradually," the Premier told everyone.

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